27 Jul

Popular theatre shows in Canada for all theatre lovers

Canada is world famous for its awesome and highly educational theatre plays. The country is highly diverse and the same is shown in the theatre plays that are presented. With the best players and theatre facilities, the country has produced the dramas that are known the world over. The Canadian theatre is highly engaged throughout the year as the demands of Canadians are infinite. With the best and the most advanced theatre techniques, it is possible to make sure that the plays which are presented are the ones which are highly engaging. To come up with a list that presents the best theatre plays in Canada is a daunting task. It is all because of the fact that every other play is awesome and not only come up to the expectations but exceeds them most of the time.

Dragon Trilogy by Robert Lepage

This is a relatively old lay that was presented in the year 1985 and attracted lots and lots of audience throughout Canada. The work which has been presented in the original book is something that has been praised highly by the critics as well. This play became a hit in Quebec and Toronto as these two places saw the maximum outcome of the audience. It is about a couple of girls that have their lives interwoven. One is a Chinese immigrant and the other is English who came to the province to open a shoe store.

Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp

It is a play that has raised the bar for the theatergoers and is regarded as one of the best plays that have ever been presented to the theatre audience in Canada. The play has a backdrop of WWII and the participation of Canada. The play depicts that how the war has changed the way of living in Canada and how the people here were affected. It is one of the best plays to know the role of Canada in WWII and how opposed the Holocaust. There are many holocaust denials in Canada that have also been presented in this play.

Mercer Family Play Cycle by David French

French is known for his family dramas that he has depicted over the years in a manner that has fascinated the audience. It is one of the dramas that shows the love, affection, and stories of two families that have terms for a very long time. The family drama has also been made a part of this play and the theatres played the drams for a lengthy period.

Les Belle – Soeurs

The changing of the Quebec theatre guard is regarded as one of the best this drama affected the industry. The fact of the matter is that it brought a silent revolution in the theatre industry in 1968. The characters and the depiction of the play have been regarded as one of the best ways that have been used to overcome the story in a highly engaging manner. With this play, the audience was also engaged and attracted toward the theatres.