3 Sep

Well-know Canadian theatres worth your attention

Canada is one of the best and the most advanced countries when it comes to theatres and the related technologies. It is has a high proportion of the people that visit theatres so the industry is thriving as ever. Toronto which is also called as the entertainment capital of the world has the third largest population of English speakers that visit theatres. With this huge population, it is a sure fact that the theatre is something that has not died at all like in other parts of the world. Most of the actors and actresses which are seen in the Canadian and Hollywood movies have started their illustrious careers from the theatre. With such a powerful industry it is sure that spaces are provided all over Canada for the people to see this live and living art.

Factory Theatre

The best part of Factory Theatre is that it is located near Lake Ontario which is regarded as one of the most visited picnic spots of North America. It is highly advised to visit this theatre as it will make sure that you don’t miss the awesome plays that are presented here. If you are a George F. Walker fan then this theatre is for you. This theatre has a lot of facilities for the people that visit. George F. Walker debuted most of his dramas here and hence this theatre is associated to his name. With this awesome and state of the art theatre who need another picnic point?

Canadian Stage Company

It is another company that has made sure that most of the schools in Toronto that teaches performing arts are supported. The best part of this company is that it is the largest one in Canada which is something associated with it for a very long time. It is also one of the best companies that offer exceptional dramas and the overall management of the industry in the best manner. The other accolade which is associated with it is that many international artists have also started their careers with this company which is awesome and stunning.

Royal Alexandra Theatre

With this theatre, you can enjoy most of the plays which were written in the 20th century. This theatre saw its prime in the 1800s and since then it has been rapidly developed into a company that performs all over Toronto. This theatre was closed for renovation for the most part of 2016. It has now transformed into one of the best and highly advanced theatres of Canada. It is also advised to theatre enthusiasts that are looking for solid entertainment.

Roy Thomson Hall

It is one of the very few theatres in Canada which is used as a concert venue as well. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Toronto Mendelssohn Choir perform here frequently and it is regarded as one of the most visited theatres in greater Toronto area. The glass exterior, as well as the interior of the theatre, is highly organized and well designed. The Canadian architecture can be seen overall. Arthur Erickson and Mathers is the company that has designed this awesome place.